So perhaps Lidén’s works, besides geometry, light is the metaphor of the hidden world of principles? The dazzling lights of Sweden’s mountainous north that he finds so captivating and enlivening. In his painting, this peculiar light is a carier of metaphysical meaning. Both when it saturates colour with intensity and brilliance, and when it apears to be carrying in the blue space a red square that it distorts in flight, and from beneath which it emerges as a white-hot luminosity. Light is continually present in his art.

Bozena Kowalska
Art critic, PH.D., Warsaw

I often have the sensation of being imprisoned by squares. But Anders Lidén has liberated me from that sensation and given me freedom … His squares are the windows of dreams.

Nguyen Quang Thieu
Poet, Hanoi

Anders Lidén has crossed the borders of strict constructive-concrete art and is approaching a form of metaphysical painting, in which geometry maintains a prioriy position in the suggestive fields of colour.

Sepp Hiekisch-Picard
Art historian, Museum Bochum, Germany